Cyber hygiene is a key component for remote workforce cybersecurity.

Protect your cyber hygiene as diligently as you protect your physical hygiene.
Cybersecurity is more than important than ever when working remotely from home. Here are resources to help you support your remote employees, giving them tools to protect your business and customers from cyber crime.

Find the fake email

Criminals love a crisis. The threat landscape that is over taking the globe is a perfect cover for scammers to infiltrate your defenses. Phishing emails are on the rise, making fake claims about your accounts. Their hope is to use fear and uncertainty to trick you into giving away private data. Download our Cyber Hygiene Checklist to share with your remote workforce to protect their cybersecurity.

Video conference security

Social distancing lead to an increase in remote workers, causing a surge in video conferencing. Recent reports from the FBI on “Zoom bombing” shed light on the need for proper security settings to protect your video conferences. Download our Cyber Hygiene Checklist to see how to best secure your video conference before and during the meeting.

Home office cybersecurity

When you’re in the office, security measures are put in place by management and IT. Now that most people are working from home, those security measures fall on you to set up. Download our tips to secure your home office to best protect yourself and your company from cyber crime.

Pretexting Scams

Pretexting is when a scammer impersonates someone you know, like a coworker, or fabricates an identity. These scams are based on trust. They convince you of their validity, getting you to willingly give out your information. While this scam is not new, it is on the rise. Find out what to look for and how to protect yourself.

Device cybersecurity

Is your computer up-to-date? Do you have the best defenses? Or does the thought of an upgrade overwhelm you? Making sure you have the lastest operating system is important to your cybersecurity. Find out a simple way to see what you’re running and if you need an update.

Want all the checklists?

Here are some resources to help protect your remote workforce cybersecurity.

Medical Liability FAQs

This webinar answers medical liability and regulatory questions, with access to extra documentation.

Cyber Protection as your business deals with Social Distancing

6 tips to best protect your business and clients

Securing a remote workforce

As every workplace goes remote, we all need to be hyper-vigilant about good cyber hygiene practices.

COVID – 19 Resource Library

Find multiple resources compiled from industry leaders to help your business thrive during the crisis.

Cyber Threats & Vulnerabilities

Find background information on particular cyber threats, the vulnerabilities they exploit and ready-made mitigation activities.

Working outside the office

Computer Security Resource Center’s guide to enterprise telework, remote access and use of personal devices.

Remote workforce cybersecurity solutions to match your needs

Our 360º approach has everything you need to secure your company whether your workforce is in the office or remote.

Gain Visibility

Quickly see your weaknesses across people, processes, technology, and vendors.

Build Resilience

 Know where your risks are and how to rapidly fix issues in order to protect your organization.

Stay Vigilant

Keep your entire company cyber aware and compliant.