Automated Cyber Risk Management

Gain Visibility

Build Resilience

Stay Vigilant

It’s good to be Cyber Confident …

“with CyberCompass™ our company went from 14% to over 85% compliant in less than 90 days.  I sleep much better knowing we’ve improved our cybersecurity across the company.”

C. Hunter

Gain Visibility

Quickly identify vulnerabilities across employees, processes, technology and vendors.


Security Risk Assessment 70% faster

Self-paced, guides you through the process

No learning curve, includes years of expertise

10 Cybersecurity scans available

Assess vendor exposure

CCPA, CIS 20, HIPAAGDPR, NIST,  NYDFS and custom assessments supported

Determines your real cyber score

Save time and money to discover what needs correcting.

Build Resilience

Rapidly correct issues to protect your organization and be audit ready.


Prioritizes corrective actions to reduce risk faster

Step-by-step corrective action guide to reduce risk

Track open issues to completion as tasks
         (no more spreadsheets)

Audit ready Policies and Procedures

Audit ready Strategic Plans

On-demand cybersecurity training tracked in Learning Management System

Vendor agreement management to reduce liabilities

Automatically tracks all actions / improvements

Secure sensitive information faster, easier while spending less.

Stay Vigilant

Keep your entire organization cyber vigilant with  visibility and accountability.


Be in the know with realtime dashboards

Custom reporting for board, management, employees, vendors and auditors

Removes silos to make cyber risk corporate wide ownership

Maintains cyber risk awareness levels

Maintains Body of Evidence

Management of liabilities with legal, insurance and government

Prevent business interruptions and losses from cyber incidents.

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