California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) compliance deadline is January 1, 2020. The new California Consumer Protection Act requires that certain businesses who service California residents must meet CCPA requirements by January 1, 2020.

Companies serving California residents may find these CCPA requirements will force businesses to assess and remediate where they are non-compliant:

  • Data inventory and mapping of in-scope personal data and instances of “selling” data
  • New individual rights to data access and erasure
  • New individual right to opt-out of data selling
  • Updating service-level agreements with third-party data processors
  • Remediation of information security gaps and system vulnerabilities

We understand companies are faced with a daunting effort to get CCPA compliant by January 1, 2020. Some of the requirements include:

  1. Understanding the requirements of the CCPA and what will impact their business
  2. Identifying the scope of the impact on existing and new processes;
  3. Assigning specific stakeholders to own the new process
  4. Creating a project plan for complying with the law and the new regulatory requirements identified by each organization; and
  5. Implementing monitoring processes to ensure compliance

CyberCompass™ automates compliance with built-in expertise that translates CCPA government requirements into layman’s terms. It does most of the heavy lifting with the analysis and compliance documentation to streamline CCPA compliance workflow.

 It is cloud-based, so it can be accessed anywhere with no software download. You don’t have to be a CCPA or cybersecurity expert to use CyberCompass™.

Our automation can save your firm over 400 hours in twelve months on becoming and staying compliant.

  • Answer one set of simple yes/no questions that meets CCPA regulations
  • Flexibility to start and stop – CyberCompass™ saves your progress
  • Compliance gap report to gain visibility into your non-compliance and top priorities
  • Built in step-by-step guide to fix issues and get compliant quickly
  • CyberCompass™ online vault to save your “body of evidence” in one place
  • Complete required training, included in the tool.
  • Monitor your compliance for 12 months with dashboards and reporting