Compliance across people, process, technology and vendors.

Automated Cyber Risk Management and Compliance

Empower your compliance

  • REDUCE breach prevention costs by 70%
  • INCREASE compliance to 90% in 90 days
  • REDUCE man hours by 70% and still gain compliance
  • UTILIZE built in expertise – CCPA, CIS 20HIPAAGDPR, NAIC 668, NIST 171,  NYDFS
  • COLLABORATE across your organization for better compliance
  • ANALYZE business impact for better decision making

Complete Cyber Confidence

Our automated solution reduces cyber risk, continuously maintains compliance and satisfies privacy regulations.

Gain Visibility

Quickly see your weaknesses across employees, processes, technology, and vendors.

Build Resilience

 Know where your risks are and how to rapidly fix issues in order to protect your organization.

Stay Vigilant

Keep your entire company cyber aware and compliant.

It has greatly improved our ability to keep our compliance manuals, projects, audits and policies organized. Having a one-stop place for everything compliance related is fantastic.

Richard Hughes, South Texas Spinal Clinic

Get your FREE Cyber Risk Score

with CyberCompass® you gain visibility fast.

Know your level of compliance with a FREE Cyber Quick Check in less than two minutes.

CyberCompass® = Complete Cyber Confidence

Growing cyber threats can cost your company millions. Because of this, increased government regulations are forcing companies to take client data security seriously. Get compliant quickly to protect your company and your clients.

Our easy to use system makes your cyber risk management digital. Most importantly, one tool can empower your decision making and compliance. It’s simple, complete and affordable.

On the other hand, not knowing your organization’s cyber risk score can give you a false sense of security. Meanwhile, you could actually be at risk to cyber attack. Contact a Solution Provider for more information, a demo or pricing.

Offer your clients the best solution.

Join our network of partners today and offer CyberCompass® compliance to your clients.

Compared to a previous experience with a HIPAA compliance company, CyberCompass is vastly more user friendly… it provides concrete, clear guidance on the remediation process.

Erin O’Leary, Calico Mental Health Associates

About CyberCompass®

As cyber criminals evolve, risk management has stayed the same. Manual management tools cannot keep up with fast paced digital changes. Because of this, we saw the need for a compliance solution that was faster, more complete and easy to manage.
CyberCompass® is a best in class, automated cyber risk management tool. Out pace cyber criminals. In addition, we have multiple standards loaded into the tool. In short, no matter the industry, we can help you get compliant.