They only platform that empowers you to manage all cyber risks.

Across People. Process. Technology. Vendors.

Setting the new standard for Cyber Risk Management. 

Empowering you to

  • Reduce cyber breach prevention costs by 70%
  • Increase compliance to 90% in 90 day
  • Save up to 70% in man hours with automation
  • Utilize built in expertise – CCPA, CIS-20, HIPAA, GDPR, NYDFS
  • Collaborate across your organization
  • Analyze business impact for better decision making

Get Cyber Confident Fast.

Gain Visibility

Quickly identify vulnerabilities across employees, processes, technology, and vendors.

Build Resilience

 Know what and how to rapidly correct issues to protect your organization.

Stay Vigilant

Keep your entire organization cyber vigilant with  visibility and accountability.

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Cyber Risk Management + CyberCompass = Complete Cyber Confidence

 Not knowing your organization’s cyber risk score can leave your company overconfident and vulnerable against growing cyber threats that can costs millions in business disruption.

We have reduced the complexity by combining the knowledge of risk management, cyber security and government regulations in an automated tool to empower your decision making and cyber risk management. It’s simple, complete and affordable.

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