Compared to traditional approaches:

 70% savings in assessment time

 70% savings in mitigating risks

 50% less expensive than competition

 OCR Audit proven

 Fortune 100 approved

Case Study

How automated cyber risk management provided assessment, report and remediation in four days to prevent OCR fine.

Case Study Prevent Fine

CyberCompass™ allowed us to respond to an OCR breach audit in 4 days and the case was dismissed.

M. Stevens

Case Study

How automated cyber risk management reduced processing time by 70% to prevent OCR audit penalties.

Case Study Reduce Time

We say we are about cyber risk management, so we really liked that [CyberCompass] didn’t just end with the Risk Assessment but supported the remediation process, too.

Cathy Bryant, TMLT Consulting Group

A Better Solution

Discover how CyberCompass was the answer for TMLT Consulting group as they searched for a faster, more efficient way to help their clients.

Case Study TMLT